Published in 11 Jul 2023

Video collaboration tools

Video projects management
Video collaboration tools

Video collaboration tools are used to improve efficiency and to facilitate the monitoring and management of a project. To increase fluidity, they centralize the exchange of documents, medias and discussions. There is sometimes some confusion and nobody always talks about the same thing. So how do you find your way around and do the right research?


Video collaboration tools, but what are we talking about?

With the same request, you will find very different tools.

To avoid getting lost, we need to make a distinction between two main types of video collaboration tools:

Video collaboration tools that support video productions (Skeem for example)

Collaboration tools that use video as a medium for communication (e.g. Zoom)

Collaboration tools for video production

Scheduling, video sharing and comments on digital content (video first) are the main tools for video production collaboration. In most cases, these platforms support audiovisual agencies and digital content producers throughout the production process. They bring method, standards, and tools specific to the audiovisual field to manage and collaborate on key steps of the video production flow. For example, steps such as scripting, storyboards, location scouting, filming preparation, voice-over or actor casting, music selection and of course editing of the different versions of a video.

The first idea is to say goodbye to endless e-mails, imprecise and endless exchanges, and scattered and contradictory messages…

But these platforms also bring a great simplification of collaboration thanks to the sharing of participants’ contacts, the clear validation scheme and the global view of the production.

For this, video collaboration tools offer to invite creatives and clients to a project so that everyone always knows where and when to participate.

They allow you to add comments with timecodes, pin notes on an image, review sound or text, reply to comments directly on the video, validate production steps, view the entire schedule and exchange files of any size, instantly and securely, worldwide or on the interface of your colleague in the next room.

Video collaboration tools are based on 4 main ideas:

  • Centralized information is the basis for seamless collaboration
  • Sharing must be visual to be effective
  • Accuracy avoids communication errors
  • Historization softens relationships

In addition to all this, a beautiful interface always enhances the value of the content and gives an ultra-professional dimension to clients.

There are a lot of generalist collaborative tools. We can mention Trello, Monday, Wrike, Asana,… they are very complete, very full of features but not very (or not at all) video process oriented, i.e. specialized and adapted to the production flow of an audiovisual project.

Video collaboration tools for meetings

Let’s be clear: these solutions have nothing to do with video production. They use video only as a collaboration tool. These tools are developed from collaborative video conference concepts associated with messaging to share and drive live meetings. Collaboration is possible from one’s desktop or mobile device.

The advantage is to offer shared workspaces, remotely and to offer webinar solutions.

Companies are investing massively in video conferencing, especially since 2020. They are doing so, especially for the return on investment related to the reduction of time to market for services and products and the acceleration of decision-making.

But more than that, companies have understood how video collaboration has, and will, facilitate the digital transformation of the enterprise and managerial innovation.

Collaborative tools: comfort restored!

Gone are the decades of all-email: the flood of texts received at any time of the day or night, the messages lost among “spam” and other junk mail, the jumbled topics, the undifferentiated projects… Collaboration tools make it possible to recover a lost comfort:

  • Access to information when you want it
  • Nothing is lost
  • Topics are categorized and projects are differentiated

And above all, the inertia of collaboration reinforces the commitment and responsibility of everyone around a project and its objectives.

Isn’t this the reason for a collaboration tool?


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