Media review and comments

Time-saving and precise returns


Reviewing on video

Say goodbye to endless e-mails

  • Add annotations with time-codes at the exact location in the image
  • Start a dynamic exchange with "reply".
  • Make communication even easier with the "done" button
  • Classify and prioritize your annotations
skeem - production - video

Audio, image, PDF and text annotation

Engage your teams and customers for better results

  • Pin annotations on an image, annotate sound or text
  • You'll be able to review every stage of production! Imagine ... script, graphic proposal, storyboard, location scouting, music...
skeem - production - video

All returns to the same place

No more disorganized return journeys or tense moments

  • Each production stage brings together media, annotations and exchanges
  • Each participant marks in the same place
  • Everyone sees and finds each other's work
skeem - production - video

History of annotations

No more misunderstandings: all annotations remain available for consultation

  • Annotations are recorded with date and time of publication, who wrote them and who read them.
  • Each participant marks in the same place
  • Sort annotations for easy reference

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