Published in 20 Nov 2023

Skeem, a daily asset for audiovisual agencies

Case studies
Skeem, a daily asset for audiovisual agencies

Case studies are always a way of connecting and sharing experiences, ideas and best practices.


Today, we went to a beautiful video studio in the 14th arrondissement of Paris, to meet Alban, a loyal Skeem user.
Alban tells us about his audiovisual agency Alban creative audiovisual and how Skeem helps him on a daily basis.
I promise, we didn’t tell him the answer!

Alban caméra


Hello Alban, could you introduce yourself in a few words?

I’m Alban Guillien. I’m a director of audiovisual content and run the “Alban creative audiovisual” production agency. The team is made up of 5 permanent staff and works with freelancers.

After starting my career at France Televisions as a JRI, I joined 4cast in 2009 as a director/editor.
In 2013, I set up my own company, which is based in Nice Métropole and Paris 14.


What kind of videos do you produce at the Agency? Who are your customers?

We produce video content for companies and the media. We specialize in creating “customer testimonials – HR – services” films.

We also have two TV studios in Paris where, on behalf of, we produce creative hobby courses (Cooking – Plastic arts – Thread arts) using our Tricaster TC2 (multicam) control units. We also produce numerous webcasts for major accounts such as Schneider Electric, SAP, Sage, Capgemini…
We produce around a hundred pieces of content a year (short and long formats).


As far as customer relations are concerned, what do you see as the biggest challenges in audiovisual production management?

The main issue is communication between our customers and our company, from the first contact to final delivery. Everything goes through mails…. Dozens of e-mails.

It’s super important to fluidify the way we communicate, to be super agile and reactive, at every stage of video production.


As a video agency, what’s the main key to effective collaboration?

To collaborate effectively, all teams need to have the same level of information, in real time. At the agency, and at the customer’s premises.

We needed a tool where the director, the project manager, our office manager, our operations manager and our customers (marketing and communications departments) could follow the progress of each video project: from the basic agency proposal, through the quote, the order form, the exchange of scripts, the setting of shooting dates, the validation of texts and graphic content, the delivery of a V1 edit, modifications, mixing… Until final delivery of the validated films and associated media.

All this, of course, within sometimes tight deadlines.



To meet these challenges, we use a tool, an online application:, which we’ve been using since its launch.

It’s a unique space where everyone can participate at their own level. We don’t have to send e-mails back and forth any more! We have one tool, with a shared timeline for our production schedules, just like in editing software, where we track production and deliver our films via a single interface.


And have you always used Skeem to facilitate your video productions?

Before discovering, we used Vimeo, e-mail, sometimes Drive or even Box, depending on the end customer’s choice…

Since we’ve been using Skeem, I don’t want to go back. We were able to introduce our customers to Skeem, and they quickly took to the solution on the customer’s side.
In the end, we’re faster and more efficient. We have more time to concentrate on our production and on finding new customers.

When I picked up Skeem, I thought: yet another subscription. In fact, thanks to Skeem, I’ve saved on other subscriptions (BOX and MS SharePoint ). I’ve kept Drive only for archives on a Cloud.
So, if my math is right, and it is 🙂 It’s cheaper for me to use Skeem, as a single solution, than a “gloubiboulga” of third-party apps.
I’m currently paying 89 euros a month for 5 projects in parallel management. In fact, I include a portion of this cost in my quotations, and offer the service free of charge to loyal customers.

I’ve been part of the Skeem adventure since its launch, and I think that the teams are going to integrate even more new features that will help us move even faster in our production workflow.

Many thanks Alban

It’s a pleasure.



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