Media, TV, production companies: streamline processes, pool forces

Media, TV, production companies: streamline processes, pool forces

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The platform that connects all the energies of the production

In an increasingly scattered world, video production professionals are confronted with a multitude of tools, media and e-mails, making their work sometimes chaotic.

Skeem connects employees and resources for greater productivity and fewer errors.

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Production supervision

Keep an eye on all video productions and stay on time and on budget

Manage everyone's roles to encourage collaboration


Even in the daily rush, in the field or in the office, everyone stays connected, knows where to intervene, where to look for information and where to find the media

Productivity gains

Planning, feedback, corrections, validation, communication, logging, everything is clearer and faster

Video production organization, premium version

Review, comment and validation

Annotate any type of media: video, image, audio and text for fast, ultra-precise feedback

Validate each version before the next step to avoid backtracking

Skeem Drive

Skeem Drive

Share your rushes
Save your masters
Store your charts, ADs, moodboards...

Everything a drive can do, but connected to your productions

Fish Eye

Fish Eye

View all your productions on a single screen and organize your projects in relation to each other

Optimize your resources with a clear view of the availability of your collaborators, freelancers, JRIs, graphic designers, editors, etc.


Quickly create your schedules, duplicate them if necessary, and build up your own library of templates.

Share them with all stakeholders to ensure deadlines are met



Make all participants pro-active! Guide them every step of the way, anticipate information needs and avoid misunderstandings.

Intelligent management of access rights

Intelligent management of access rights

Define the level of confidentiality of your data and specify the people involved at each stage of production

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CEO / Media Plus

What are your biggest production management challenges?
The thing is, we work with a lot of people. Quite diverse customers, our teams but also other prods and independents. The biggest challenge is to get everyone on board and there at the right time.

So how do you go about it?
Centralization is the key. Everyone knows where to find information, where to ask for it and where to give it. It's a real time-saver and a real convenience. And when it leaves traces... everyone is more careful (laughs)!!!!

And that's what you found with Skeem?
Yes ! Skeem is like a beautiful desk. A beautiful workspace engages employees... We clearly felt that. The tools are accessible to everyone, yet superbly well thought-out. We're happy to find our way through all the prods.

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