Templating and models

Don't start from scratch every time


Create models

Your methods are tried and tested, duplicate your work to save hours of effort

  • Save your production schedules, with or without media, to adapt them to all your future projects.
  • Design each stage of production to your image: contacts, filming, voice-over proposals, video benchmarks...
  • Do your wordings have impact? Save your best texts: welcome message, proposals, commitment at every key moment of the project, etc.

Reuse without limit

Use your templates in just a few click

  • At the start of each project, use an existing template to create your production schedule in a matter of seconds.
  • Add your recorded step templates to any new production, and present mood-boards, benchmarks, voice-overs and more in under two seconds.
  • Use the "/" to call up text blocks stored anywhere in the application

Create your own standards

Learning by doing

  • Distribute your best practices and methods transparently to all your teams.
  • All members can share their finds
  • Engaging and productive!

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