Skeem, 4 video production tracking tools in 1

Skeem dashboard

The dashboard
shows everything at a glance:

The different organisations you are working with

All the video projects you are working on

The progress of the various productions and ongoing stages

The project participants

Video timeline on skeem

The timeline, a single entry point to:

Have a clear overview of production

Preview the content of a stage

Download/upload content

Discuss the production in progress

Video production stage on skeem

Zoom into each stage to:

Add comments directly to the media at the right position and time (video, image, audio, text)

Discuss that particular stage

Share and download media

Team drive on skeem

A team Drive to:

Store and share your files with members of your organisation.

The Drive is separate from current projects, and lets you permanently store files and folders that are useful for your team.

Plans that adapt to your business

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