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For worry-free video production


Review and comment

Directly on the media

  • View all content for each stage (brief, media, resources, deliverables, etc.)
  • Revise by adding annotations to all media down to the last image
  • Keep each version and its comments

Video production schedule

Simple and efficient

  • Create and share a schedule in less than 5 minutes
  • Give all participants a clear view with the timeline
  • Visualize progress, deadlines and milestones at a glance
  • Save your greatest planning successes with the library

Stage validation

  • Link validations to your production steps
  • Benefit from automatic email reminders and in-app alerts
  • Keep a record of validations to avoid misunderstandings


All your projects at a glance

  • Follow production progress
  • Check the steps in progress and those to be validated
  • Assign and visualize the roles of each participant
  • Keep up to date with the latest news on each project

Templating and models

Save and standardize your methods

  • Schedules and production steps, save your favorite models!
  • Create text blocks that you can call up anywhere in the application
  • Reuse your models in seconds for new productions
skeem - production - video


  • Discuss each stage of production
  • Notification by email when an intervention is due
  • Centralize and record all exchanges
skeem - production - video

Share link

  • Create links to share deliverables outside Skeem
  • View media without downloading
  • No expiration date! No more obsolete links!
skeem - production - video

Drive and storage

  • Enjoy the convenience of an in-app drive
  • Secure your files so you can re-use them for every production run
  • Give access to whoever you want!

Public / Private

  • Some content is not for everyone to see! No problem! Select Public/Private and choose who can access the content.

Tailor-made roles

For every situation

  • Easily create profiles adapted to each role
  • Assign rights in a few clicks to optimize everyone's involvement


  • Planning at the heart of production
  • A central place: impossible to miss any information!
  • A simple, attractive environment for your creative content
skeem - production - video


  • Don't argue about it, it's all there, undeniable!
  • Easily find out what's happening in the prod
skeem - production - video

Billing that keeps pace with your business

To the number of projects, not to the user

  • Choose your plan according to the number of projects to be carried out over the month
  • Invite as many creatives and customers as you like to each project at no extra cost
  • Archive long-running projects to free up space
skeem - production - video

Easy to handle

  • Ultra-intuitive interface, even for the uninitiated!
  • Step-by-step guidance with notifications and emails

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