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Centralisation des données : les

Data centralization: benefits for a video project

What are the benefits of data centralization for a video project?
Here are the “5 ALWAYS” rule to understand the basics of a successful collaboration. When a video project is carried out in a corporate environment, for a company or more generally when an organization orders videos from a production team, the process involves a large number of participants. Even if the creative team is small, the client team often requires a large number of collaborators due to the validation channels and the need for specialized opinions on the subject matter. In this context, let’s see how to bring maximum fluidity to a video project with data centralization…

Outil de collaboration vidéo

Video collaboration tools

Video collaboration tools are used to improve efficiency and to facilitate the monitoring and management of a project. To increase fluidity, they centralize the exchange of documents, medias and discussions.
There is sometimes some confusion and nobody always talks about the same thing. So how do you find your way around and do the right research?


Video production stages

Create involving and enlightening video production stages for all the participants in the collaboration, that’s the challenge! In this article, we will, of course, mention these famous video production steps, but we will propose to go further with a collaborative vision of the production flow.


Video Production Monitoring: Communication Above All Else

Keeping track of video production is not an exact science, but the key lies in communication and making sure that clients and creatives are on the same page at all times. There are plenty of trips and hazards, but nothing is impossible when information is clear and dealt with at the right time. This means linking your schedule to a communication strategy made just for your purposes which combines three essential elements: the vision, the meetings and the reports.

annotations video et retours clients

Video Annotation: The Basis for Client Feedback

Learn more about video annotation and its challenges in client feedback management. In recent years, video annotation tools have made a dramatic addition to best practices in video production management. Video annotation has come so far that’s it’s now an essential tool to avoid disorganised client feedback. Being able to add text to a video anytime and anywhere is a concept that is both simple and extremely appealing. Any producer of AV content who has seen long lists of client feedback with timecodes and vague descriptions knows this all too well.

planning production video

How to Create an Effective Film Production Schedule?

Here are some tips and tools for creating an effective video production schedule. A film production schedule is fundamental when organising a video project. But it shouldn’t only be thought of as a tool – it’s so much more than that. It reflects a strategy, follows a working methodology and becomes a means of communication in its own right. A film production schedule should cover all the bases of project management, but it is also vital for it to resonate with the philosophy of the production team and the client’s situation. How can you create a production schedule that reflects your personal approach to making a film? Let’s find out!

Client relationship video production

Video Production: The Keys To The Client Relationship

Ahh, client relationships… Support, care, satisfaction… For a client, a successful video is good, essential even. But we all know that all the talent in the world isn’t enough to satisfy a client every time. The support necessary to involve, engage and retain a client is a complex dynamic based on human skills: empathy, flexibility, clarity, generosity… all specific to each project, managed depending on timing and adjusted according to the people involved. This requires listening and being available at each stage of the project.

Review a video on Skeem

How to review A Video ?

Read about the tools and best practices to review a video. To review a video has been something of a saviour for creators and clients who used to work together on video projects before the advent of the wonderful collaborative platforms we have now. We have all gained years of life expectancy from all the misunderstandings we’ve been able to avoid. “What do you mean, ‘there’?”, “When exactly are you referring to?” Directors, content producers, editors and production managers are all aware of the phenomenal power that comes with properly annotating a video. If we can keep in mind how things were before, we can try not to repeat the practices that lead to the confusion and frustration.

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