Comm/marketing department: Make your video content production more efficient

Comm/marketing department: Make your video content production more efficient

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The collaborative platform that streamlines the work of an entire comm/marketing department

In a world where video is the essential means of communication for your brand.

In a world where content must be constantly renewed.

How to avoid exhaustion?

Skeem helps you save time on processes, smooth the handover within a team and keep track of project progress at a glance.

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"How far along are you on the project?"

No need to ask!

A dashboard accessible to all and email alerts for real-time monitoring

"Can you send me the latest version of the test video?"

The latest version is in Skeem!

Make your productions accessible to everyone, everywhere on the planet

"What's the process again?"

All production is in the timeline!

A clear, up-to-date view for simplified exchanges and optimized processes

The platform that makes everything but coffee

Feedback directly on the video

All your feeback in one place

Forget tedious e-mails and timecodes, and concentrate on creating an outstanding video.

Planning at the heart of the app

Planning at the heart of the app

Organize a collaborative workflow on an intuitive timeline

Predefined templates give you the keys to a successful production

Distribute the roles

Distribute the roles

You choose who does the planning, who validates the assets, who does the returns, and so on.

In short, rights management that adapts to every situation

Easy to use, impossible to get rid of!

Easy to use, impossible to get rid of!

Everything is designed for instant learning

Direct links in alerts take you exactly where you need to be

Supervise, breathe...

Supervise, breathe...

Guide your teams and service providers with a single click to optimize your video production

Integrated team drive

Integrated team drive

Discover the simplicity of a drive-in app connected directly to your productions

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CDO / ô voyage

When it comes to producing digital content, what is the main need for a marketing/communications department?
To tell the truth, it's always more or less the same challenge: to produce a large number of short, original video contents as fast as possible, and often just-in-time. All on a tight budget.
We need a well-coordinated team to draw up the briefs, write the texts, capture the images, select the best passages from all the rushes, edit, request modifications, validate... And all this several times a week.

And how does Skeem help you?
Often, several people from our team are involved in a production, plus external collaborators such as agencies or freelancers. Skeem simplifies our communication by bringing together on a single platform the production schedule, all our exchanges, viewing, feedback and approvals. A real pleasure.

And the benefits are for whom exactly?

The whole team loves Skeem, even our external contractors!
In fact, everyone can keep track of project progress in real time, without having to write progress e-mails or spend hours in meetings.
And management is delighted, because they know how the project is progressing and can easily provide feedback along the way, but above all it has enabled them to produce more content with the same budget. skeem's ROI is undeniable!


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