A collaborative platform for managing video productions

Organise, consolidate and follow your video productions from start to finish, all in one place.

Whether working alone or in a team, create and share your video production schedules with clients, add comments and approve each stage on a timeline designed to make communication simple.

Take full control of your video production in order to guide your client towards a smooth and optimum process every step of the way.

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Collaborative platform for video production
Annotation and feedbacks on skeem. Io for video project monitoring

How can Skeem help your productions?

Avion skeem

An efficient project means you have more time to work on your tasks

  • No data loss
  • No broken links
  • No avoidable mistakes
Plantes skeem

Successful collaboration means engaged and constructive clients

  • Clear and committed approvals
  • A professional digital tool
  • The solution your clients have been waiting for
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A stress-free project means more creativity and availability

  • Remove unnecessary frustrations
  • User-friendly interface
  • Bring your clients and teams together

How does Skeem combine management and collaboration?

Skeem schedule

Create a video production schedule to match your needs with just a few drags and drops.

Design and create a timeline that supports your clients from first contact to delivery. Skeem provides all the tools you need to be creative also in your project management.

Deliver, communicate and approve directly from the timeline.

Reviewing on video

Everything in one place: sit back and relax while clear, trackable feedback is collected directly on the media.

Creators and clients can access the same interface with different editing rights.
Annotate video, audio, images and text in the right place.

Discussion and messaging with skeem

Communicate directly within each stage or in a general chat to maintain a history of key video production correspondence. Everyone is kept up to date and notified.

No data loss, no redundancy and no conflicting information – everyone is informed at the same time and in the same place.

Skeem : files transfer

No more broken links or long searches to find the right email, version or file.

Keep everything together and share every aspect of the production process – creators can deliver the project or send supporting materials. Clients can upload assets and reference documents.

Plans and pricing
to suit your business

Confirm your project first, engage with Skeem next

Invoice by project rather than by user

Option to put a project on hold

Plans to suit all types of video production, from €14/month to €149/month

Testimonials from our customers

Productions created with Skeem

Collaborate on your video productions with complete peace of mind

We take care to apply the strictest rules so you can feel completely at ease when sharing your video productions and clients’ data.

Empreinte1 collaborative platform for managing video productions
Secure access control

Skeem is based on an individual accounts system with personalised authentication.
Only authorised users can access your media and projects.

Cadenas1 collaborative platform for managing video productions
Data protection

All your data and files are stored in France in compliance with the GDPR, meaning all data is protected by EU data protection laws.

Carte bleue1 collaborative platform for managing video productions
Secure payment

Compliant with the EU payment services directive (DSP2) and strong customer authentication.
All card numbers are encrypted on a drive with AES-256, and decryption keys are stored on separate servers.