Agencies: the solution that combines reviewing and organization

Agencies: the solution that combines reviewing and organization

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The collaborative platform that engages your customers!

Managing a video project means constantly ensuring that clients and creatives are always sitting down on the same bench and looking in the same direction.

Skeem promotes healthy, fluid communication between all those involved in a project by facilitating exchanges, centralizing files and giving everyone a real-time view of project progress.

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Become super-productive and multitask!

Manage multiple projects with ease and precision, organizing your schedules and workflows in an intuitive, simple and neat environment.

The only app designed for your customers

Your customers finally understand what you do! You make them anticipate and participate in the right place at the right time...

It's all so obvious!

An iron fist in a velvet glove! ;)

A professional tool to enhance your image

Bring methodology and processes to your employees and customers

Reassure them and defuse any tension

Enhance your image and shine with professionalism

Your advanced productivity tool

Look no further, everything is in its place

Look no further, everything is in its place

The timeline centralizes schedules, media, assets, messages, annotations, feedback, voice-overs, charters... In short, everything you need for production.

Follow the chronology of each project to be up to date at all times

Revolutionize feedback on your creative work

Annotate all file types (video, audio, image, text, PDF)

Receive relevant notifications by email and benefit from integrated productive features such as @ mentions and "seen by".

Don't start from scratch with every prod!

Create customized production planning "templates", store important events and duplicate similar templates for timely use.

Simple. Clever.

All the prod in 3 spaces:

  • a dashboard to track progress on your production,

  • a timeline to guide you through the different stages,

  • a media player to view and give feedback.

Ready to use in less than 5 minutes

Ready to use in less than 5 minutes

There's no need for training, as even the most inexperienced clients are taken by the hand.

Ultra-rapid appropriation around an obvious, attractive timeline.

Email notifications and alerts to enhance project management.

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CEO / Alban creative audiovisual

At Alban Creative Audiovisual, what's the key to being both efficient and creative?
The most important thing for us is to avoid misunderstandings, or having to repeat a step because of a lack of communication. This fluidity frees up time to think, research and create...

And how do you go about it?
We set up clear milestones where customers can request changes without worry. But once it's validated, it's validated! Or we renegotiate :-)

Have you always used Skeem to facilitate your productions?
No. We used to use generalist platforms, but they weren't at all suited to our business. Then we switched to a reviewing platform, Frame, but we were really missing the whole organization, planning, timeline side that really included our customers. And when they're committed, so are we!

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