Video production schedule

At last, workflows that are followed and respected


Create and share your schedules in 2 minutes

Drag-and-drop planning in just a few clicks

  • Drag-and-drop your saved templates or predefined step templates
  • Add validations at the right time
  • Manage brick visibility according to stage confidentiality
  • Modify pictograms for greater clarity and aesthetic appeal!
skeem - production - video

Pro-activity is key

Guiding and leading production

  • Define roles precisely
  • Create a team dynamic
  • Announce times for feedback and validation
  • Give precise instructions in advance: anticipation!
skeem - production - video

Supervise production in the blink of an eye

Follow the project on an ultra-visual timeline

  • New messages, new annotations, new media, delays, validated milestones: all important information appears on the schedule.
  • Adapt quickly to unforeseen circumstances and manage your project with precision

Central, intuitive planning

Everyone can access the media directly from the schedule by clicking on a stage.

  • A simple tool for immediate adoption. No need for training or endless tutorials
  • Everyone is guided and there are no questions asked, even those uninitiated in video production.

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