What motivates us
about your video productions

We want the best possible collaboration to be at the core of working relationships, so the joy of creating is placed front and centre

We want everyone who has invested in professional relationships in video or film production to feel valued, so that their energy, skills and creativity are recognised for their true worth. What we truly desire deep down is to look at work in a new way as a source of appreciation and peace of mind


We have run a video agency since 2005, and understand how a fast-moving ecosystem functions and evolves. However, at some point we found ourselves moving away from our primary mission which we had chosen out of pleasure: to create films that enhance the work of our customers.

Weighed down by daily management and organisation, we somewhat lost our way over the years, devoting too much time to things that were not important. This resulted in less happy teams, less productive work, and less satisfied customers – in short, we had lost sight of our purpose!

We had created so many documents to improve the management of our video productions and customer relations, and spent so much time, energy and money putting procedures in place to prevent fragmentation, misunderstandings and mistakes... What we needed was to find ourselves again, and the desire to return to what we loved motivated us to start again from scratch.



After a quick look around, the answer was obvious: we needed to find a way to be efficient when managing our projects, and especially in the relationship with our customers: a tool that would make production clearer for them to see.

All around us, the world was becoming digital. We wished so hard for the perfect tool... In the end, we wanted it so much that we created it ourselves, for us and for you! Thus, Skeem was born.

Today, we are passionate about the idea of transforming your needs in the field into useful innovations, so that you can have the pleasure of creating on a daily basis!

The Skeem team


UI/UX Designer
Turned concepts into a super user-friendly application


CEO - Founder
Has come up with the idea of a project-based payment that adapts to the clients' activity


Commercial strategy
Has concocted great prices, especially for our users... 😉


Laid a solid foundation for an evolving code


Digital Strategy
It is undoubtedly thanks to him that you are consulting this page at the moment!


Full Stack developper
Always turn obstacles into sustainable solutions


President - Founder
Directed the application towards the customer relationship positioning


Art director
Gave birth to the strong identity of the brand


Front End developper
Turns design into code like water into wine

Skeem's values

Sense of justice

Respect, loyalty and equity at work


Enthusiasm, pleasure, sharing

Fighting spirit

Resilience, commitment, professionalism

Team spirit

Empathy, curiosity, enthusiasm