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From project to shared succes

15-day trial period, no credit card or commitment required

Organize, manage and centralize
for better time management

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Create the production schedules that suit you best

Share them automatically with all participants and update them in real time

At last, schedules that are understood and used!

Production monitoring

Easily view the progress of all projects

Manage the resources allocated to each production run

Access production stages and content with a single click

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Exchange, review, validate, share

Exchange, review, validate, share

For greater fluidity


Discuss in real time

Keep all your discussions for better understanding

Guide participants through each stage of production.


Instant review and validation

Precise comments of any type of media (video, audio, image, PDF, text)

Be alerted immediately as soon as there's news about production

Validate or have validated each rendering in 1 click

"Thanks for such precise feedback, we'll be able to go very quickly!"

Instant review and validation

Share links

No more obsolete Wetransfer and time limits

The sharing link lets anyone view the video without downloading or creating an account.

Share links
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Duplicate, preserve, store
to have it all at your fingertips

Templates and templating

Tired of redoing the same schedule 10 times or rewriting the same instructions 100 times?

Create your own planning and production stage templates.

Find them easily for each new project, so you can get started in just a few clicks.

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Skeem drive

Create your own secure transfer space and share all the documents you and your colleagues need on Skeem Drive.

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A solution for...

Video and brand content agencies

Production and media companies


Marketing and Communications Department

Companies / Internal departments

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Why Skeem?

30% time saving

on the management of each video production

  • 3 minutes to create a production schedule on Skeem using the production step and schedule templates
  • 60% fewer emails to write, retrieve, file and analyze
  • Hours saved on round-trips, document searches, process implementation and follow-up
  • It takes less than 10 minutes to get to grips with the tool, and neither my teams nor my employees need any training!

19€ per month only

Less 1% of your prod budget

  • Project-based billing with an unlimited number of users
  • No long-term commitment and can be paused without losing the project
  • Reassured and supported employees (+23% customer satisfaction)

Connected to the needs of the field

Designed by professionals

Skeem was born in the field, tested by hundreds of users from our video community around the world: creatives, project managers, producers, comm departments, companies...We've designed an ultra-professional solution that's in tune with the realities of video production and the business needs of everyone involved in a project!



Alban, Director

Alban, Director

"Before, we were using generalist platforms, not at all suited to our business. Then we switched to a reviewing platform, Frame, but we were really missing the whole organization side that really includes our customers."

Amélie, Educational engineer

Amélie, Educational engineer

"With Skeem, we understand the steps involved and how production is organized in real time. And we speak more clearly to our service providers and communications teams, who are more used to it.

Benaïssa, CDO

Benaïssa, CDO

Several members of our team are involved in a production, plus external collaborators. Skeem brings together all our exchanges, production planning, viewing, feedback and approvals on a single platform. A real pleasure.

Marion, CEO

Marion, CEO

" With Skeem, we centralize! And that's the key to success. Everyone knows where to find information, where to ask for it and where to give it. It saves us an incredible amount of time and comfort "

Hadrien, Director

Hadrien, Director

"Trello user for a long time, I dreamed of finding this flexibility in a tracking and review tool for the prod...And Skeem has arrived! The dynamic timeline organization is top-notch, with everything categorized and accessible at the click of a button. "

Marie, Communications Manager

Marie, Communications Manager

"Skeem has made our projects run smoothly from A to Z. Even Irène got to grips with it in 2 minutes! So we're continuing with Skeem for future films! "

Marine, Motion designeuse

Marine, Motion designeuse

"Made by creatives for creatives... And you can feel it! It's simple but super complete. With Skeem, I can be creative in my project management too! "

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