The dashboard serves as the homepage for your Skeem platform. You can access it at, and it provides an overview of your video project management. It shows details of your organisations and projects, and the progress of all of your video productions.

A project represents a video production project. It contains the project name, client name (or the project’s general owner) and an organisation timeline where you can manage the production schedule. It has a start and end date, and can contain an infinite number of videos. All your projects are laid out and accessible from your dashboard.

The demo project is a presentation project that anyone can access free of charge to discover Skeem’s full potential and practise using the production management tools with the timeline. You can create schedules and try out the different blocks (video, audio, image and text). The demo project is not shareable. (The demo project is not included in the beta version).

Go to your Skeem dashboard and click ‘Create a project’. Make sure you create the project in the right organisation if you have more than one.


Go to your Skeem dashboard,click the Settings menu at the top right of the project card, and click ‘Delete project’. A window will open, asking you if you really want to delete the project: Click ‘Permanently delete project’.


The Skeem platform has different functions for service providers and clients. This means it can offer two distinct profiles which provide access to the same projects but with different interfaces: creators manage the schedules and request approvals, while clients provide feedback and approvals. Creators and clients can have discussions, share media and add comments to that media.

To set a participant’s role in a project, go to your dashboard and click the Settings icon at the top right of the project card, then click ‘Participants’ . A list of project participants will be displayed. The role of each person is shown to the right of their name, together with an options menu (three dots). Click the three dots next to the role you want to change, then select the desired role.


From your dashboard, click the Settings menu at the top right of the project card and click ‘Participants’. A window will open. Click the ‘Add participants’ button at the top right. Select from the list of already known users, or enter the required information (remember to also select the role for each participant you invite). Click ‘Send invitations’ to finish.


From your dashboard, click the Settings menu at the top right of the project card. From the drop-down menu, click ‘Participants’. A window will open displaying all the project’s participants. For the participant you want to remove, click the three dots on the far right side of their name and click ‘Remove’.


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