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The different types of corporate films: the complete list

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The different types of corporate films: the complete list

Here’s a list of the different types of corporate films, compiled by our teams. Corporate films have evolved over time to become an essential pillar of a company’s communication strategy. And the list goes on!
Sometimes it’s useful to take a step back and look at all the possibilities at a glance. This list is here to help you with this exercise.
Corporate films, whether intended for internal or external audiences, play a crucial role in building a company’s image and effectively conveying key messages.
Let’s dive into an in-depth exploration of the different types of corporate films…




The different types of corporate films depending on their purpose


  1. Video brand content

Objective: Enhance brand image.
Corporate videos are at the heart of any corporate communications strategy. These productions are intended to be captivating and impactful, depicting the company’s history, highlighting its core values, and presenting its mission and vision for the future. They serve to establish an emotional connection with the public and reinforce the company’s identity.

  1. Company presentation videos

Objectives: Increase the company’s visibility and brand awareness. Stand out from the competition.
Corporate presentation videos go beyond the institutional aspect by focusing on presenting the tangible aspects of the company. They highlight the products and services offered, give an overview of working methods and manufacturing processes, and introduce the team behind the company’s success. These videos are a powerful tool for engaging potential customers and business partners.

  1. Training videos

Objectives: To pass on, train and enhance skills, and ensure consistent dissemination of crucial information to all staff.
Whether for new employee induction, ongoing training, or the implementation of new procedures, these videos offer an effective way of ensuring understanding and compliance.

E-learning, mooc… numerous structures have specialized in online training.

  1. Customer testimonials

Objectives: Sell better. Reinforce the positive image of your products/services
The power of customer testimonials cannot be underestimated. These videos highlight positive customer feedback, providing valuable external validation. They reinforce the company’s credibility by presenting positive experiences, reassuring potential customers about the quality of the products or services on offer.

  1. Internal motivation videos

Objectives: Motivate and create positive emulation
Maintaining a committed team is a constant challenge for any company. Internal motivational videos play a key role in celebrating the company’s successes, recognizing employee contributions and inspiring a sense of pride and belonging.

  1. Work safety videos

Objectives: Improve EHS policy results
Safety in the workplace is a top priority. Workplace safety videos not only provide information on rules and regulations, they also create a sense of collective responsibility for everyone’s safety. These videos are essential for educating employees about risks and best practices.

  1. Recruitment videos

Objectives: Recruit more and better.
To attract the best talent, recruitment videos play a vital role. They present the company’s culture, benefits and opportunities for professional growth. These videos aim to create a positive first impression on potential candidates and reinforce the company’s employer brand.

  1. Product videos

Objective: Promote products/services.
When a new product or service is ready to be presented to the world, product launch videos become an essential tool. They capture the public’s attention by creatively highlighting the product’s unique features and competitive advantages.

  1. Corporate event videos

Objectives: capitalize on an event to prolong its positive effects
Corporate events, whether virtual or physical, are key moments in the life of an organization. Event videos capture the essence of these moments, providing a visual experience for participants and allowing those who weren’t able to attend to share in the excitement.

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) videos

Objectives: raise awareness and promote social commitment
Sustainability-oriented companies use CSR videos to highlight their social and environmental responsibility initiatives. These videos demonstrate the company’s commitment to ethical and sustainable business practices, reinforcing its positive reputation.

  1. Employee testimonial videos

Objectives: Strengthen sense of belonging, share best practices
Employee testimonial videos create a human connection by allowing team members to share their experiences and perspectives. They help to humanize the company, showing that behind business activities lie committed and passionate individuals.

  1. Annual report videos

Objectives: offer an engaging perspective on health and corporate leadership
Annual report videos go beyond traditional documents. They summarize the year’s achievements, the challenges overcome, and plans for the future.


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Example of a schedule for a corporate film on


The different types of corporate film according to their nature


  1. Motion Design

These videos use animated graphics to explain concepts, present complex data, or simply add a creative touch to corporate communications.

  1. 2D/3D animations

Two or three-dimensional animations are used to create entertaining, educational or informative videos. They can be used in a variety of contexts, from training to advertising.

  1. Explanatory videos

These videos aim to simplify complex ideas or processes. They often use graphics, animations or characters to make information more accessible.

  1. Testimonial videos

Video testimonials present the experiences and comments of customers, employees or partners. They add a human dimension to corporate communications.

  1. Video interviews

Video interviews often involve key members of the company. They can be used to present the company’s leadership, discuss industry trends, or share expert viewpoints and best practices.

  1. Advertising videos

Corporate video ads are designed to promote products, services or brand image. They are often creative, engaging and emotionally driven.

  1. Corporate documentaries

These films take a more cinematic approach to telling the company’s story. They can explore the company’s history, the challenges it has overcome, its initiatives and the experiences and career paths of its employees.

  1. Interactive videos

Interactive videos encourage viewer participation by allowing on-screen choices or actions. They are often used for training or public engagement.

  1. Virtual reality (VR) movies

Using virtual reality technology, these films offer an immersive experience. They can be used for virtual plant tours, training simulations or innovative presentations.

  1. Time-lapse / Hyperlapse

These accelerated videos show the evolution of a process, a construction project or even an event over time. They capture attention by condensing hours or days into minutes.

  1. Humorous videos

Humor can be an effective way of captivating an audience. Humorous corporate videos are designed to entertain while communicating key messages.

  1. Augmented reality (AR) videos

Augmented reality videos add virtual elements to physical reality, offering a unique visual experience. They can be used for promotional or educational applications.



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