Make your clients feel at ease using a collaborative platform

It's not always easy getting partners to on board with new collaboration platforms. Here are some ideas with Skeem:
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Make your clients feel at ease using a collaborative platform

Collaboration platform and first steps

Sometimes we are reluctant to start using a new collaboration tool, especially if it involves our clients and disrupts some old habits.

This is completely a natural feeling, but taking some initial steps and testing and familiarising yourself with the collaborative platform can make a big difference to first impressions.

So, remember the demo project is available to help you understand how Skeem can be adapted to your needs and working methods. You will see this quickly, you won’t need a lot of explanation to understand how much you will be helping your clients!

Think communication

Skeem is a collaboration platform designed to free your project management.

If you design the way the project will be managed, and therefore its schedule, with a view to enabling communication, your clients will naturally feel that you are working better together in terms of productivity and comfort. Specifically, this means that a stage in your production planning could be a key time for the film’s production, but also an opportunity for communicating important points, or a key moment to discuss the production.

Finally, make the project visible to your clients from the start by displaying all the stages of production, as well as the possibilities they have available to keep track of everything. That makes everyone feel more relaxed!

To sum up, what are the best practices for reassuring clients?

  1. Familiarise yourself with the platform using the demo project
  2. Free up your creativity by imagining how the film’s production will be overseen
  3. Think about communication at each stage of the video production
  4. Make the video project visible to clients from the start

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