The best way to start your video production

Some advice for getting started on your video production with Skeem
Commencer une production audiovisuelle

The best way to start your video production

Begin your video production
with a clear vision

Skeem is a production tracking tool, but also a support tool. You should therefore think of the production schedule and its functions as a tool that can guide your clients and partners.

Each block can be a key moment for coordinating the production, making time savings, streamlining the production or preventing miscommunication.

Furthermore, articulating a vision will get people on board and bring about support for a method and result.

Best practices when starting your video production

When beginning production of your film, it’s worth sending a message that will state your expectations of everyone, and the blocks you have set up to support them.

The chat in the main menu is for exactly that purpose, and everyone is notified by email.

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