Fully understanding the roles of creators and clients

Creators or clients? With Skeem, everyone has their place throughout the video production, for smoother monitoring and better collaboration.
rôles de suivi de production dans Skeem

Fully understanding the roles of creators and clients

What roles are available?

Skeem differentiates between creators and clients, meaning the people who provide the service and the people who order the service.

Why several roles?

This makes it possible to offer two distinct profiles which provide access to the same video project and to the same interface, but with different access rights.

So who does what?

Creators make the AV production schedules and request approvals

Clients add comments and approve the video production stages

Anyone can participate in discussions and share files and media

To sum up, what are the best practices?

Smooth AV production means everyone should understand their role and what each person is responsible for.

  1. Start by clearly identifying the participants and their role.
  2. Tick the relevant “role” box when inviting them
  3. Let them know that they have received a Skeem invitation (watch out for spam)
  4. Don’t forget to guide them through your Skeem production schedule!

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