Ease your video production with the chat function

With the chat function, Skeem helps you run your AV production stress-free. Find out how.
Skeem, guidez vos productions audiovisuelles

Ease your video production with the chat function

AV production: always in touch!

When managing each of your video projects, Skeem has an essential feature for guiding your clients and teams throughout the AV production process. This feature is the chat function, which you can find in the main menu.

It is important to keep in touch with all participants in the project, to show them where and when to take the right action. This will make your production run smoothly, and prevent partners and clients from becoming scattered or falling behind.

Chat on Skeem, a real guide!

The chat is super accessible in each of your video projects. You can use it to quickly provide the required information, so your clients are aware of each stage of the production and understand it.

When you leave a message, everyone is notified by email. At the same moment you can pass on information, but above all guide the participants, so they can take action at the right place and at the right time.

To sum up, what are the best practices?

  1. Create your AV production schedule
  2. Design each stage of production according to your methods and needs
  3. Explain the how you will manage the project to the participants, using the chat feature.
  4. Guide your clients throughout the project with  messages giving specifics (and kind words). All of this thanks to the chat function!

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