Design your production management to support each exchange with your client

AV production: keep in contact with your partners and ensure smooth communication throughout the video project pour faciliter les échanges d'une production audiovisuelle

Design your production management to support each exchange with your client

Go beyond scheduling and comments!

When thinking about video production management, schedules and video comments are the things that come to mind.

These are indeed the foundations that Skeem’s features are built on, but the solution has also been designed to go much further: it’s a tool that simplifies communication and discussion with your clients.

When it comes down to it, it’s a way of making key communications about a production visible within the schedule, so that everyone working on the project does things correctly and at the right time. This can go a long way to avoiding mistakes and frustrations.

Regular communication throughout production

We know that an video production is fluid and successful when everyone can follow the process.

Schedules should therefore be created so that each production stage is an opportunity for meeting, checking and communication.

The chat function, discussions at each stage and approvals are key tools for keeping everyone on the same page.

And remember, by making the management process and roles clear, they will valued and accepte.

To sum up, what are the best practices for designing your video production management?

  1. Think of your timeline beyond the simple scheduling of stages.
  2. Create blocks for key communication moments
  3. Use the chat and discussions to kick-start the conversation points
  4. Guide your clients to take action at the right place and at the right time

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