Design your own video production stages with customisable blocks

How to customise your planning schedules and video production stages with Skeem and customisable blocks.
Briques personnalisables sur une production vidéo Skeem

Design your own video production stages with customisable blocks

Video production stages: imagine, build

Customisable blocks let you create any production stage for a given type of media: videos, audio, text, images, files, etc.

Ask yourself when in the process you need to interact with your clients: production launch, contacts, document sharing, media, client feedback, comments, approval, payment, or even just general information.

For each stage of your production, you can choose a suitable block and manage how the production is overseen.

The possibilities for your project are endless, and are limited only by your imagination !

Some best practices for designing your video production stages

Or in this case, some examples:

  • a text block to provide contact details at the start of production
  • a video block for feedback on animation tests
  • an audio block for deciding on music
  • a file block to request useful resources for the production
  • another to organise casting, submit CVs, provide shooting information, etc.

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